JBC Joins Hand with A Renowned NFT Artist, Bianca Beers.

Non-Fungible Tokens are presently referred to as modern-day gold. Being the hottest digital asset, it bestows immutable ownership rights to the holders. And guess what? Collins Dictionary named “NFT” as the word of the year 2021. Comparing the stats with the previous year, the purchases of NFTs have surged up to nearly 11,000%, showing fabulous adoption worldwide. In order to leverage the mighty concept of NFTs, JBC has shaped its own NFT marketplace and yearns to offer a seamless NFT trading experience.

JBC’s exquisite Jungle Market:

Jungle Market, aka NFT marketplace, is one of the privileged crypto products on the list. The main objective of creating this platform is to provide the artist/creators an incredible revenue by recognizing their masterpieces and talents. It connects the NFT admirers across the oceans easily with a phenomenal piece of application and bestows a seamless NFT trading experience. The advanced features, sophisticated functionalities, and splendid user interface make this platform an instant success.

Jungle Book Crypto x Bianca Beers:

Jungle Book Crypto is immensely glad to associate with one of the prominent NFT artists in the sphere, Bianca Beers. Bianca is an eminent artist, designer, and creator who has hands-on experience in the domain of digital illustration and creative direction. The specialization in the field has made Bianca merge fashion and botanical illustration, graffiti, and portraiture. She yearns to spread the vibes of positivity & peace through her works and brings color and joy to the people. She has rolled out NFTs in multiple blockchain networks, created an animated NFT series, and created an AR-based solo exhibition, which was supported by Microsoft. All these efforts made her tie up with some of the leading organizations in the world, including Nike, Adobe, Sony, Puma, etc.

Onboarding such a flamboyant artist to the JBC platform makes us really excited, and this collaboration is one of the precious gifts to our community members who long to keep their NFT portfolio steady and worthy. And guess what? A lot more is yet to come. Be prepared to witness them soon!

Fabulous Features of NFT Junglemarket:

Splendid Storefront: Our marketplace offers a unique storefront for creators to seize the attention of buyers.

Filter and Sort: The platform bestows advanced searching options to the land on the desired NFTs quickly.

Easy Listing: The creators can list their NFTs easily without any difficulties. They are allowed to list them in either fixed-price or auction sales.

Built-In Wallet: The platform provides an in-built wallet to the users to store and trade NFTs securely.

User Interface: The user interface of the marketplace is designed specifically to keep the NFT enthusiasts engaged.

On an Endnote:

This crucial collaboration will make the marketplace reach great heights and will enable the audience to trade worthy and rare NFTs. To make it even more interesting, purchasing your $JBC tokens will make you stand unique among the crowd. It can be used as an imperative payment mode in the whole marketplace. So, be ready to witness new collaborations featuring reputable artists.

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