On May 25th, the team will be rolling out a sequel to the Jungle Freaks Genesis collection.

We are proud to introduce to you all, Fallout Freaks.

The Collection

The collection is hand drawn by the insanely talented and brand new artist Andre Muller.

Fallout Freaks in its entirety will be a collection a maximum of 15,000 Fallout’s that can only be created TWO WAYS:

1) Exposing an existing JF Genesis to a Fallout Crystal (10,000 in Total)

2) Minting a Fallout Freak on the Allow List or Public Sale (5,000 in Total)

JF Genesis holders will have the ability to mint a 1 Fallout Crystal for every 1 JF Genesis.

To simplify it…. 1 JF Genesis = 1 Fallout Crystal

These 5,000 will be a completely NEW and NEVER BEFORE SEEN set of mind-blowing trait combinations.

JF Genesis holders will have the ability to mint a crystal and the Fallout Crystal supply is a max of 10,000 and contain 3 varying levels of rarity.

Fallout Freaks are a way to reward our holders with an entirely new NFT, a “Fallout” version of their OG Freak.

There will be 10 - 1:1's scattered throughout the collection.


There WILL be a few inside of the first 5,000 Fallout’s minted on May 25th!


Fallout Crystals

One way to create a Fallout Freak is when a JF Genesis burns a Fallout Crystal.

There are three tiers of Fallout Crystals: L1, L2, and L3.

If a JF Genesis burns a L1 or L2 crystal, the resulting Fallout Freak will retain traits of the original Genesis Freak.

If a JF Genesis Freak burns an L3 crystal? Proceed with CAUTION.

The burning of the Fallout Crystals will begin on June 3 at 10AM EST.


Fallout Freaks Minting Schedule/Details

Allow List Mint: May 25 at 10AM EST (12 Hours)

  • Total Supply: 5,000 New Unique Fallout Freaks
  • Mints Per Txn: 3
  • Price: See Minting Poster for Details

Public Sale Mint: May 25 at 10PM EST (24 Hours)

  • Total Supply: TBD (Left over from the initial Allow List Mint)
  • Mints Per Txn: 3
  • Price: See Minting Poster for Details

Guaranteed Crystal Holder Mint: May 26 at 10PM EST (24 Hours)

  • Max Supply: 10,000 Crystals
  • Mints Per JF Genesis: 1 Crystal (50 Crystals max in one TXN)
  • Price: See Minting Poster for Details

Bonus Crystal Holder Mint: May 27 at 10PM EST (24 Hours)

  • Max Supply: TBD (Left over Crystals from Guaranteed Crystal Mint)
  • Mints Per Txn: 5 Crystals
  • Price: See Minting Poster for Details

Crystal Burning: June 3 at 10AM EST

  • JF Genesis Holders will be able to access the website and burn their selected crystal with their JF Genesis to create their new Fallout Freak!
  • You can use up to 3 crystals per JF Genesis, this means you can burn a Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 with a single JF Genesis.
  • You CANNOT use the SAME Level Crystal TWICE on a SINGLE JF Genesis

5k Allow List/Public Sale Fallout Freak Reveal: June 4 at 10AM EST

  • Please refresh Metadata on OpenSea after 10AM EST in order to reveal your Fallout Freak!

Disclaimer: Please see the Rules, Terms & Conditions as well as our privacy policy at junglefreaks.io for all additional info on the giveaways etc.



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