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Jan 27, 2019 · 4 min read
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And If we all had the Power to change anything from our Past, what will it be for YOU?

For example:

  • At 5 years old, I wouldn’t have been ashamed to speak my native language, to have an weird accent when speaking French at school and to feel different. I used to speak “Bakoko” one of the 309 languages (Yes! I know…) ​​listed in Cameroon. The little girl I was decided to stop talking to fit in her new environment when I moved to France. My mother tried to talk to me but I did not want to respond. Now I’m regretting it intensely... When we know the complexity of the brain, the first way of communication you learned is the one with what you discovered the World… Think about it. Different languages, different way of saying, hearing and behaving. Apparently with around 8 sessions of hypnosis, everything can come back to the surface. Well well… Apparently…
  • I wouldn’t have stopped many activities where I was good at, Athleticism (had so much fun), Vo viet Nam (no, no, no… Not Viet Vo Dao), Popping Dance, Drawing… Oh my god… How upset I was against myself when I noticed this pattern. When things get harder, complicated, tough, and, that it requires more effort, more consistency, we tend to listen to the little voice inside of our head saying: “Oh… It’s not for me anyway. Let’s try something else… “
    Like Tony Robbins says: “When You hit a plateau you have to be willing to get a little bit worse before you get massively better. “ Those who knows how to ignore these voices are always one step a head.
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I’m being honest with you, it’s just a few years ago when I arrived in London that I understood this concept. Since then, I know that: “when a negative situation appears in our Life, something better and bigger is coming right after!” I just need to hold on, stay focus on taking care of my thoughts, and what vibration am I sending to the Universe.

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  • I will have avoided one or two boyfriends (maybe more haha). But like Ariana Grande said: « I’m so f***in’ GRATEFUL for my ex » Every relationship is teaching us something about ourself, if, we decide to truly open our eyes. One lesson I have learned is the true meaning of « Jealousy ».
    I have been jealous like hell with one cause I was feeling INSECURE. Then I realized that I was a Queen in my own Queendom; all this behaviour was a lack of self-confidence, of self-love, of knowing who I am, of knowing what I want and deserve.


I’m actually Happy and Proud of who I am now, cause, I know I kept my dignity & authenticity which it ain’t easy to keep especially in the Art Industry… No no it’s not an ego trip moment, it’s just my truth hehe.

I used to think that we are « right now » the result of our past, but my belief changed. I believe, that we are right now « WHOEVER » we decide to be.
We are Master of every second of our Life. I am NOT determined by my past mistakes or my family background… I am whatever I decide to identify myself to. Always better to choose to identify to YOURSELF though.

All it takes is:

Reprogramming how I think, how I live my Life every day and my habits. This is what we call the « FREE WILL ».

I will be honoured to hear your thoughts about it.

Love, always!


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