From Homo’s to Fomo’s: the next chapter in our evolution

Humans have been sticking fat for 160,000 years. We need to socialize. It’s obvious. Even when we used to swing from trees and crap from a great height we still clung together.

Gradually as the noises from our mouths began to sound less similar to what was coming out of our anus, we grew even chummier. So it was inevitable with this innate desire to be present with others we would invent Facebook.

Online social platforms like Facebook have evened things up a bit on the ‘playground’. Take being ugly. Its not such a handicap anymore. You can have a face that scares house pets and still do alright. A bit of photoshop and you’re good to go.

As our addiction to social media grows and the rules of the playground change we are witnessing a monumental shift in the way we establish our social worth.

I’ll use a 1960s Porsche 911 to explain.

This car is dopamine. It’s an anti-depressant. You will date beautiful women with this car. Wrong, but that’s the reality. It’s a social game changer. And yet I can think of something even more powerful.

Image you owned the Porsche above and posted the exact image on Facebook. You’ll get a few likes and comments because it’s beautiful and it says you own this beautiful car. Now imagine instead you owned the Porsche in the pic below. It’s a similar model with a surfboard.

Now you’re going places. It’s says you’re on a surfing trip up the coast. It says you’re on holiday, with a beautiful girlfriend, in the sun and a happy son of a bitch. It will induce far more envy than the first Porsche. Why? Because our lives are same same much of the time. Because most of us have to work long hours before we can go on trips like this. Its not just a photo of what we want to have. It creates around envy around where we want to be. We are envious of both, equally as much.

Take a look at this shitbox station wagon below. It doesn’t evoke the same envy. But hell that looks like a pretty good time they’re having, and I feel like arse not being there. No need for a Porsche 911 to muster Facebook envy here. In fact it would probably be overkill.

Yes we’ve always had location envy bubbling away in our social groups. But the human race has never had something as powerful as Facebook to create it so strongly on the cheap. And it’s causing a monumental cultural shift in how we do social trade.

Where you are now carries as much clout as what you have. So get used to the age of being a Fomosapien, and the Fear Of Missing Out.