Yelp Concept: How to make people leave a review

Jungwon Shin
May 2, 2018 · 7 min read

Yelp Reviews Aren’t Being Used

Current Yelp Review

User Research — Why People Don’t Review

Refining the People Problem:

People read reviews to decide where to eat, but they have a hard time reading and trusting the reviews

Figuring Out Which Feature to Implement

Brainstorming Session

Initial Brainstorm

Improving Review Quality

Initial Approach

Paper Prototype for Writing a Review

How Other Products Implement the Review Feature

Examples of other rating system
Example of other rating system: Airbnb

Deciding On Content Requirements

User Flow Diagram

User Flow for Yelp

Segmenting Star Ratings

Explorations for Leaving a Review

Explorations for Leaving a Detailed Review and Displaying the Review

Final Interaction for Rating Restaurant

Finished Flow for Rating a Restaurant

Invision Prototype

Understanding Yelp Visual Design

UI Kit

What I Learned

Future Considerations

Jungwon Shin

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