Thoughts for the last few months of 2016

Documenting the various life changing moments of in 2016.

  • A closed cousin passed away after a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, leaving behind a cute nephew who is growing healthily.
  • I got married in a traditional setting; A definite stamp for my parents to “acknowledge” our marriage, despite having signed the legal papers 3 years ago.
  • Gone through tons of interviews, both technical and behavioural, in search for a “better” job.
  • Was offered by a couple of tech startups, but felt that it was too superficial jumping to another company for the sake of “more” monetary gains.
  • Got rejected by one of the largest tech company after a series of very positive interview sessions.
  • Fortunately enough, I was offered by another “one of the largest” tech company (Will write another article on this). Downside: I had to relocate to Seattle):

Learning Points

  • Life is extremely unpredictable.
  • Always be on your toes and be ready to handle disasters and opportunities likewise.
  • Opportunities often come by when u least expect it, so put yourself in a favourable position to embrace more of it.