Belt buckle in the design of men’s belt is very large

In the world of fashion apparel, men’s belt is particularly eye-catching scenery, often designers pay more attention to women’s design, are often ignored in on a man’s belt, actually men’s belt on the need to design new, men’s waist decoration is can best embody his taste, of a mature man belt pay attention to simple but not simple, especially buckle strap design is also a lot of belt manufacturers launch new products before the most attention, because the belt buckle is the only artists to display their talent stage, so will be very attentive to detail design.

Fashion series of belt materials are selected from the selection of leather and accessories, high-grade leather belt buckle metal casting are pure hand finished, each belt design and manufacture are “heart”.

Traditional and modern design the perfect fusion of man’s belt, cut angle block high-grade metal belt buckle, surface to irregular forging traces of retro pattern, showing dull metallic luster, surround in the modern metal around, suddenly through time and space, more show a mature man glamour.

Jun Hong Fashion Co., Ltd. launched a variety of fashion style of the new men’s belt. The belt design more emphasis on personality and, taking into account with a different style of dress collocation, can and stylish clothing with, and coordination of the relatively strict clothing is very good.

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