General dimensions of China’s factory production belt

leather belts manufacturers to produce the belt in general there is always some fixed size, such as Jun Hong Fashion Co., Ltd. if it is a men’s leather belt is generally between 100 and 120 cm, if some body fat, I am afraid to long special belt. Women’s belt is generally 90 to 105 on the can, because the woman is to look at the waist fine, if it is an elastic waist belt, as long as 70 cm or so is enough. Here are some sizes

Men’s belt:

2.1–2.3 feet should belong to the relatively thin type, the belt length (including the belt head) 100–105CM or so

2.4–2.5 feet should belong to a relatively moderate figure, the belt length (including the belt head) 108–113CM or so

2.6–2.8 should belong to the waist size of the category, the length of the belt (including the head) 115–118CM

2.9–3.1 feet should belong to the type of fat, the belt length (including the belt head) 120CM above

Women belt:

Here is the low waist belt required size.

1.7–1.8 ruler: small MM, belt length (including the belt head) 88–95CM or so

1.9–2.0 feet: relatively moderate, belt length (including the belt head) 95–102CM or so

2.1–2.2 ruler: belt length (including belt head) 100–105CM

2.3 feet or more; belt length (including belt head) 105CM above

Waist 60–75CM usually say a lot of mm, usually waist measurement on the fine location of girth strap is system in the low position, so two circumference is not equal, the belt around naturalness to than you with a ruler on the amount of circumference to a point. Want to buy a very suitable size, then you can control your own now with the length of the belts, as well as from the head to the hole you usually use the distance is how much to choose the belt size.
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