Jun Hong Fashion:Belt can be in accordance with the 6 catego

China belt factory Jun Hong Fashion Co., Ltd. , today, and we share a belt of the classification:

1, according to the use of the population division: can be divided into men, women, sex, children’s belt and so on.

2, according to the use of the material division: can be divided into leather belt (the first layer of cow leather belt, two layers of cow leather belt), PU belt, cotton belt, metal belt, lace, etc..

3, according to the type of discount can be divided into: needle buckle, belt buckle board, automatic buckle, belt buckle and so on.

4, according to its use function and characteristics can be divided into: gentleman with, casual belt, cowboy belt, woven belt, etc..

5, according to the belt width can be divided into 2.5CM, 3.0CM, 3.5CM, 4.0CM, 4.5CM, etc..

6, according to the belt belt type can be divided into: flat belt, feather edge belt, car line, not the car line, etc..

Belt, whether for men or women, the belt is the most important one of the garment accessories and accessories, a suitable belt, can show my taste and fashion.
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