Diet Day 1

Though I lost 10 kilograms through work-outs and dietary regulations, I gained half of them by neglecting myself and being lazy: the most detrimental thing I’ve done is that I went to a store to buy jellies, ice creams, drinks, and even ramens. So I decided to lose weight again, especially through intense abstinence to food during vacation.






I shouldn’t have eaten snacks by the way…

Work Out

Treadmill: 32 minutes

  • 15 minutes for a speed of 6.0 (kph)
  • 5 minutes for a speed of 8.5
  • 7 minutes for a speed of 6.0
  • 3 minutes for a speed of 8.5
  • 2 minutes for a speed of 4.0

Squats: 20 minutes

  • Various fo
  • Had enough amount of food
  • Did not go to Maejum (Store)
  • Did not do body stretch enough
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