Salève: The Balcony of Geneva

Man Bird spotted while standing in the Balcony.

Sunday Morning: Wake up and hike Salève (Check).

There’s something about hiking and trail running. Even when the soil is loose or compact as soggy mud, I feel grounded as I slip around or get completely stuck in dog-poo material. Even when the rocks are cutting or falling under my clumsy feet like little streams, no skin nor joints can hurt.

Today, the items up on the trekking viewing menu were Geneva itself (try and spot the Jet D’Eau), the River Rhone, one end of Lake Geneva, and man-birds. There was also the enjoyable incline (both up and down), green trees backed on cloudy skies, and the distant chiming of church bells from one of the towns on the mountain itself.

It is nice to be back on the trails. I’m back where my feet belong.

Welcome Home.

“Geographically, the Salève (1, 379m) is a mountain of the French Prealps located in the department of Haute-Savoie….Below the Salève is the Geneva urban area where more than 700,000 people live….It is also called the “Balcony of Geneva”.” — My Best Friend, Wikipedia

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