The name is ‘Tilikum’

Putting Tilikum to the test in Brecon Beacons: PC: Goh Tong Jit

So I said I would name my tent, as introduced in this post. And I’ve named him ‘Tilikum’, after the dying Orca that has been held captive in SeaWorld for decades.

I’m no animal activist: I eat meat, and enjoy my meat. But I do love animals, (albeit unequally yet deeply), and the Leviathan is my favourite of all. I have always been deeply troubled by humans choosing brief entertainment at the expense of other much more defenseless creatures. It hurts me to see them trapped in show-tanks, for the amusement of us. Just imagine: the Oceans that form 70% of the Earth’s surface were meant to be your natural habitat, but you end up living your entire life confined in a dismal water tank.

On another note, my tent held up just fine over a very beautiful weekend in Brecon Beacons. Here is a little photolog of the memories. To sum it all up: take a map, a good travel pal, a compass, a small car, a whole load of excitement and sense of adventure.. and just go.

I thank the heavens for beautiful non-British weather: note the beautiful stars at a random waterfall where we pitched our tents over two nights, and the glorious sun rays lighting up the panoramic views along our Horseshoe Ridge Hike (Pen-y-fan).

PC: Goh Tong Jit
Outdoor Ramen

“Ships are expendable; the whales are not.”- Paul Watson

More to come regarding my trip in the Brecon Beacons.