Timing for Thinking

0430 GMT. The sun is up and I shouldn’t be. They say it’s all gloom in grey London but the summer days have been very kind.

I have fallen in love with this new room on the fifth floor which gives me sufficient height for panoramic views of London. What I love best is the series of wide windows that conveniently span the length of my bed (and slightly more). I stare up at the sky from my bed, thrilled by the occasional flock of birds that swoop by and the distant plane that streaks a linear cloud of white across the blue. In fact, I do this observation of the open sky all the time that I should probably start doing it less.

Yet, this is when I am beginning to think best. The thoughts flow easy like how the gold of the sunrise blends into the blue of the night- gentle and gradual, even during its encroachment.

As a special friend once said, everything can be beautiful at the right time. And for London, my room tells me the right windows are needed too.

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