The Journals of Narley P. Kodger

Found Communications From the ‘60s

Hi. My name is Freddie L. I was at my terminal, finishing up some of the work that had piled up. This night was like any other night at my desk. Most times it is really boring work but it does pay the bills. I would like to think that I am good at my work as a systems analyst but I am probably about average. One night, when I was completing my daily routine, something strange came across my terminal. I feel that I should share this communication with someone, just to make sure that I am not dreaming or losing my mind. Perhaps you can make some sense of it.


Entry 2 [Mar. 12th, 1964 10:22 am]

Salutations to the four of the six billion…

This day of the one day bids you look!

Behind lids closed, one sees the galaxy of galaxies lain bare. Thus, those of the [two of the seven] may indeed traverse the void between eternity and now-then, whilst either being afoot, seated or reclined… here, yet t-here.

Then-now, as it is with the one great day, we have given ourselves this gift. Accepted, treasured, yet unheeded.

We stand where we choose, as if knowing needs not care. Why care that being sick of sickness brings health… sick of being tired, invigorates… sick of being poor leads to wealth… to use this contradiction wisely must surely lead, too!

My, how this insipid drowsiness keeps us rooted, even as we wake.

How-ever? On this day of the one day, I have met four of the six billion, who may know this secret of the few.

Having said, perhaps within this day-night of the one day, true freedom, not given nor taken, shall bow to our conscious commands…

Curious. What is this thing called righteousness?

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