Game of Thrones: Dragonstone

3 Quick Things

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything, which I guess means I’m getting less angry and rant-filled. But rants aren’t the only purpose of this blog — there’s a lot going on up in the old noggin. That’s right, we’re talking multidimensional shit.

The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

One of those dimensions is Game of Thrones and I can hear all of my zero readers now: “oh no, not another GoT recap blog! We can get those from literally 100 better places.” Now, now these aren’t going to be recaps. I’m going to just do three things from each episode and these three things can be anything — major plot points, things to look out for, random observations, comments I made to myself throughout the show that no one but my brother was around to hear. So here it goes.

1. The Hound Remains One of the Top Three Characters on The Show

Is that a hot take? I’m not really sure but I’ve loved this guy from the beginning. Sure, he’s an asshole but he’s bigger than everyone else so he can do that. But what has been awesome to see is his transformation from flat-out villain and most looked down upon dude in Westeros to kind of a good guy that you want to root for. No better example then him finding the house that he sacked in Season 4 and finding its occupants dead, just like he had predicted. Now I didn’t remember that scene so I went back and watched it and I highly recommend you do the same.

He makes a lot of references to it — saying he knows there is no ale, trying to say the prayer that the farmer said at dinner over his grave, even the way Thoros wakes up to the Hound doing something in the middle of the night like Arya did. And even though this is somewhat of an emotional scene, there is still the great one-liners from The Hound — insulting Thoros’ man-bun, telling Beric he’s useless, saying he’s miserable from “experience.” Just an all around great scene and further makes you cheer for The Hound.

2. Euron Looks Like a 1980s British Rock Star

The Game of Thrones costume people almost always get it right. What is “right”? I have no idea but they missed it on this go around.

I mean look at this guy. Russell Brand just ran to his closet to make sure he wasn’t robbed. Don’t get me wrong, Euron is far more likable in this first episode than he ever was last season. His Jack Sparrow-ish sense of humor mixed with him being a raving lunatic who likes to watch his family get killed makes you do the nervous “heh heh” laugh. But dude, come on change the outfit. It’s the only set of clothing that has ever looked out of place. It also looks like old Euron has been laying off the saltwater taffy, lookin’ a little bit more trim. Not cool. This guy is supposed to be a hateable motherfucker with an eyepatch, not a cool slimmed-down rocker from the 1980s. My prediction is that they’re doing this to make it more believable when Cersei inevitably gets with him.

3. This Shows Makes Me Think Everyone is Evil

There was a heartwarming scene in this opening episode where Arya stumbles upon Ed Sheeran (I’m not going to talk about it, the internet is full of it right now) and his band of Lannister army misfits. Through talking to them, she realizes that not all Lannister fighters are bad people, they just do what they gotta do, yada, yada, yada. And yet, for the ENTIRE scene, I thought Arya was going to get poisoned. They gave her that rodent on a stick and then washed it down with some homemade blackberry wine. My heart was pounding, waiting for her to go blind again or something. These people were cast to be the nicest looking bunch of soldiers and I was afraid that THIS guy:

was going to murder Arya. Even his little “be nice to strangers and strangers will be nice to you” line was a little too coy for my taste. To be honest, I missed the entire point of the scene and had to rewatch it once I knew she was fine. But good for Game of Thrones. Their whole thing has been “nobody is safe” and it really does make watching each episode suspenseful as fuck.

Alright GoT blog number 1 in the books. Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see if I can keep it a regular thing.

BONUS: Top quote of the episode by far was “leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.”