Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

3 Quick Things

This might be a hot take, but I think that episode was equally as good as last week. It didn’t have the bang of the epic battle scene, but a lot happened to really thicken the plot. Anyway, here are the three quicks things I noticed.

1. Tell Me Again How Dany is A Foreign Invader?

When the moron Tarlys were getting ready to be roasted, Randyll made the comment about Cersei at least being from Westeros and how Dany has no ties here.

Dude, have you not been paying attention? Why do you think Dany is here? Not only was she born here (Dragonstone) but she has one of two legitimate claims to the throne (we’ll get to the second one later). It’s unbelievable that people don’t at least recognize that this isn’t an invasion, its a homecoming. I couldn’t have been happier when those fucking idiots got charred — you had the easiest decision in the world to make and you fucked it up. I hope their last thought was about how their name is now solely being carried on by Sam and Gilly, who Randyll treated like sacks of shit.

2. Rhaegar’s Big Reveal

The internet is losing its mind over this one, but mostly because it was glossed over. I’m not sure of the outrage, I think people think that this show happens in realtime and that was the only time we’ll hear of it. Little known fact, the show is written by humans who meticulously plan this shit out. Rest assured, this will come up again. Wait I haven’t even talked about what it is I’m talking about. Sorry. We find out that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were legit married. Woo! Gilly (of all people) finds out that Rhaegar had his first marriage annulled and married in secret to another woman (Lyanna Stark) which means that Jon is not, in fact, the product of a war-causing kidnapping/rape but rather a legitimate Targaryen and now the person with the most legitimate claim to the Throne. Sorry Dany. Kind of explains why he was able to tame the dragon (whaddup Father of Dragons).

Like I said, this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this. Giddyup!

3. Jamie is the Antonio Cromartie of Westeros

This dude just cannot stop knocking up his sister! I mean he must have the strongest swimmers in the world. He better slow his roll or before you know it, he too will have 14 (yes, Cromartie has 14 damn kids) little blondies running amok in the Seven Kingdoms.

At this point, he has to be getting tired of this schtick. After his other three kids died, he was probably like “phew, now we don’t have to keep that secret anymore” and BOOM now it happens again. Problem is, Cersei doesn’t give a fuck anymore and is just going to tell everyone that its Jamie. Well, she would if she were actually pregnant. No shot she really is, she just needs to keep Jamie on her side.


Loved the whole merry-band-of-misfits-getting-together-to-go-on-an-impossible-mission thing. Very Goonies-esque. I’m putting together a bonus GoT blog about the Goonies of Westeros so stay tuned.

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