.Net Core 2 and Golang
John Adams

Hi there John, thanks for this article. Are you using vegeta, right?

I have tried to fork your project https://github.com/tampajohn/presentations/tree/master/2018/06/code/performance but I could not make it work on Windows 10.

Vegeta installation is not working with go get -u github.com/tsenart/vegeta. It says I should choose a branch. But it seems go get will not let me choose a tag or a branch.

I also tried to create a fork and go get -u github.com/myusername/vegeta failed.

After that I tried to clone latest vegeta release, I ran go get -u github.com/myusername/vegeta but it says I cannot merge unrelated stories.

The installation of other dependencies such as jaggr and jplot worked fine, but vegeta is failing somehow.

I would like to give it a try and run this benchmark on Windows using latest versions of go and net core. If you have any tip, please let me know.