Kimbal Koko Loayza

This is a story about firsts.

The first time Mami held you (Left). The first time you and Juniper met (Middle). Your first time in a car seat (Right).

Rerouted! My baby is not a car!!!

Mami was not happy.

The team that delivered you
Our first selfies together (Left: at the hospital; Right: at home)
Your first time meeting Ama (left), Obaachis (middle), Tía Sachi (right)
Your first time dining out at restaurants in SF (Bon Nene, Plow, Flour + Water Pizzeria, Peruvian place, Universal Cafe)
Your first bath
Ear family (left), Koko family + Tío Jay (right)
Your first plane ride. You were attached to Mami.
Your first time meeting Tío Jay and Ojiichan
Your first Christmas with family and friends: Loayza (left), Ear (middle), Safaie (right)
You came with us to sign the purchase documents (left); first night at our new home (right)
Our last time dining out for quite a while (Burma Love)
Papi might have gone overboard with precautions (left); Mami giving Papi a haircut (middle); sticking together (right)
Mami got two cakes for her birthday
Your first time eating solids
Obaachis (left), Ojiichan (middle), Tía Sachi (right)
Your first time crawling!
Our first time taking silly selfies together
Your first time eating cucumber
Your first time on the car (left); your first time at the beach (middle); your first time riding the bike (right)
Your first time on the swings
You and Mami were inseparable
Us on our adventures together
Your first birthday
Your first time dressing up for halloween
Your first time going to school — you cried, a lot :)
The first artwork you brought home from school
First time walking outside w/ assistance (left) to no assistance (right)
July 22, 2021: The first time you accepted me for comfort and love instead of Mami. Mission accomplished.

Mami and I love you unconditionally.

This is unbreakable; it is a love carved deep into our hearts.

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