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10K HP Step 3: Select Your Role (Identity)

In the iconic game World of Warcraft, players start off with some very important decisions that will affect the entirety of their game-play. They must select their gender, faction (Alliance or Horde), a Race (Human, Dwarf, Undead, etc.), and a Class (Priest, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, etc.)

Besides the Faction, which determines the side you play on in the game, a player’s Class is his/her most impactful choice. Even though, as of the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth, there are twelve different classes, the gameplay all boils down to three roles:

  1. Tanks: Players that become tanks play aggressively, charging into battle to lead the team, attract damage from all the enemies, and provide cover for their allies. …


Jun Loayza

Just trying to be the best Papa to my little Juniper and the best husband to my soulmate — Kim.

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