Jun Loayza
Oct 11, 2016 · 1 min read

I believe that you can more accurately describe the App Store as a “Platform” where creators can publish and benefit from their creations. Creating a platform with network effects is incredibly beneficial for the business: the more apps in the app store, the more consumers will go back to it, purchase, and downloads => the more consumers there are purchasing and downloading, the more creators will create apps. It’s a virtuous cycle.

It’s similar with Uber: a platform with network effects — the more drivers there are, the less people will have to wait for a driver; the faster the rides, the more people will request rides; if ride requests increase, then there will be more drivers in the system.

This is not a “community”; rather, a platform with network effects.

    Jun Loayza

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    Just trying to be the best Papa to my little Juniper and the best husband to my soulmate — Kim.

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