10K HP Step 3: Select Your Role (Identity)

In the iconic game World of Warcraft, players start off with some very important decisions that will affect the entirety of their game-play. They must select their gender, faction (Alliance or Horde), a Race (Human, Dwarf, Undead, etc.), and a Class (Priest, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, etc.)

Besides the Faction, which determines the side you play on in the game, a player’s Class is his/her most impactful choice. Even though, as of the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth, there are twelve different classes, the gameplay all boils down to three roles:

10K HP Step 2: Know your Attributes

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In the video game Mega Man X, Mega Man is a character endowed with amazing Attributes:

These attributes help Mega Man progress through the game on his mission to defeat the final boss, Sigma.

What would happen if you took Mega Man out from his video game and dropped him into the world of Super Mario 64 (like a crazy spin off of the…

Step 1: Choose your game

The first step of living a life of play is to pick the right game.

There are many types of video games: RPGs, fighting games, puzzle games, first-person shooters, platformers, racing, party games, etc.

Yu-kai loves multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games (Heroes of the Storm), strategy games (Chess and Starcraft), and fighting games (Super Smash Bros Melee), while I enjoy fighting games (Street Fighter) and action/adventure games (Metal Gear Solid). Different players will get excited by different genres.

In the Game of Life, the Game you choose to play is your mission in life.

10K HP Framework

Hack, hack, slash. Slash, slash, bash.

Yu-kai checked the clock. It was 2am. He had been grinding and killing monsters for the past four hours so that he could get the last piece of the Paladin set equipment: Griswold’s Legacy. After this final piece was obtained, Yu-kai’s Paladin would officially become OP (Overpowered) and his friends would surely envy his achievement. “They’re going to beg me to be a part of every single one of their games once I get this.” Yu-kai thought.

Hack, hack, slash. It was now 3am. His homework lay on his desk, begging to be finished…

Mami is a superwoman

Ok… Juniper will nap from 9:30am to 10:30am. When she wakes up, I’ll feed her and then we’ll quickly jump in the car and drive to story time at 11:15am. After story time, we’ll head back home for lunch and then playtime until her next nap. During that nap, we’ll unload the dishwasher, organize the laundry, and clean up the apartment. Once she wakes up, we’ll all take a walk to Boba Guys and do playtime at Dolores Park. We should get home by 5pm, give her a bath, and then have her in bed by 6:30pm. Ready?!?!…

Get ready for little Neil and Milton to come to a mailbox near you.

15,000 stars and counting!

Check out our Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/junloayza/humble-bee-who-has-your-child-chosen-as-their-hero?ref=tk52ze

12 months ago, we started this project with the mission to inspire the next generation of creators. Thanks to you and our 200+ backers, we’ve hit a giant milestone to make this mission a reality.

We hit $15,000, but we’re just getting started!

First and foremost, hitting this milestone means all of our backers will receive their hardcover books before Christmas day. I hope Santa Clause is ready to carry all those heavy books!

In addition, hitting this milestone means we’ve unlocked our first stretch goal.

New stretch goal: $20,000 = we will donate Star Struck to 200 classrooms

One of the early prototypes of our app.

During the last week of school we visited some 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms to test our story. Because kids were celebrating the end of year, the teacher had her students visit another classroom to watch a Disney movie. The kids were incredibly excited!

But she pulled out 5 kids to stay so that we could test our story with them. These kids were incredibly disappointed. They clearly wanted to watch a movie instead of listen to a story read to them by strangers.

A snippet from the 3rd draft of Star Struck

The idea for Humble Bee started 10 months ago. For 1o months, we’ve been writing, illustrating, testing, re-writing, re-illustrating, testing… you get the idea.

We started with a story about Steve Aoki and pivoted to a story about Neil deGrasse Tyson.

We’ve been inside classrooms nonstop to get real feedback from real users.

Juniper Leng Loayza

“Jun, I felt something latch on.”

Star Struck — a story about discovering the answers for yourself.

We were 11 drafts into our story about Steve Aoki. It was time to test it again with kids.

We presented the prototype to classrooms of 2nd graders and 3rd graders.

Jun Loayza

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Loving husband and father to two little dumplings.🎙 Dad Smarter Not Harder podcast. https://dadsmarter.simplecast.com

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