Gucci’s Glittery Fabrics And Mixing Culture Runway Show Blasts Off Milan Fashion Week

Alessandro Michele brought a new trend for Gucci SS18

Gucci SPRING 2018 READY-TO-WEAR Photo: Yannis Vlamos

People have to admit that Alessandro Michele is the person who brings Gucci to a new level, since he creates an unprecedented style concept for Gucci, even for the whole fashion industry. This man who comes from Rome has caught the eyes of the fashion industry season-to-season by his comprehension for retro aesthetics and his steps of fighting the rules.

Creation, as a volcano eruption, is breaking the shell of tradition. Alessandro Michele, a part of the lava, he is a pioneer, trying to resist the inherent principle.

For SS18 Gucci Ready-to-wear, the show seemed like that there was no end when the models were walking in the huge hall which was surrendered by classic sculptures in different cultures. The blue luminous runway stretched inside the hall, like a mystic river, which could lead people to flow into the designer’s fashion world. This world is vivid, not only abundant but merged. The show itself was full of glitter and ornate, Disney characters, cheongsam neckline, and vintage disco sequins. They all came together, like a game, Alessandro made multi-kinds references into it, and all the references can be lined in a regular arrangement or random.

At the beginning, the 1920s loose silhouette with the shiny fabrics blended the avant-garde and classicism women’s wear features, which showed that the fusion of different times can produce some new chemical reactions.

Gucci SPRING 2018 READY-TO-WEAR Photo: Yannis Vlamos

The common Chinese elements and glam silk fabric highlighted the show in an unforeseeable way and it also revealed the designer’s profound skills. Yet his success was not only rooting in his deep understanding of the retro aesthetics but the collision of different cultures. You can see the mash-up of different features on the runway everywhere, which resisted the sort and the boundary. Also, the break-through vibe was full of the details of every single item. Such as the ethnic style necklace, the vintage square shaped sunglasses with the glittery materials, and the exaggerated UFO hat, they knocked together, filled into Alessandro’s planet of Gucci. These items, they are nothing related with the changing trend, as they are just like a parallel universe, which only belongs to Alessandro Michele and his “resistance” theory.

Gucci SPRING 2018 READY-TO-WEAR Photo: Yannis Vlamos

Just like he said to Suzy Menkes: “Unbelievable.” This word is what we can see in his collection.

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