Roger Federer and Rolex are making History. And telling it, too.

In hindsight — it’s easy to pontificate and give kudos for what they did. Or even smirk that they were / are in the right place at the right time

That the folk at Rolex didn’t sit pretty on their cult status. And that they continued to work on their brand in order to stay fresh and relevant to in a world of advancing technology with a shifting consumer landscape.

The trigger for my thought was a full page ad in today’s newspaper where Rolex celebrates Federer’s Wimbledon win, that I didn’t just read. For me — it is inspiration. Something I’d be proud to pin up on my soft board. And see every day. And it’s not just because my roots lie in mainline marketing and advertising.

Do I get that same feeling when I see Mr. Bachchan Sr. telling me I must use Just Dial services ? Or did I even believe that Mr. Aamir Khan was drinking Coke ? Or that Ms. Katrina Kaif really uses Veet to stay silky smooth ?

You get my drift am sure. And we all know this to be true — out here a celebrity using a brand he endorses in real life, is possibly unheard of. So why does this happen ? Are the brands not good enough for their endorsers in the real world ? As consumers and professionals watching , do we willingly suspend disbelief ? Or are the creators of these messages unable to think otherwise ?

As an ordinary consumer who still aspires to own a genuine Rolex — I am inspired by Roger Federer’s win. And blown away by the fact that he was wearing his Rolex during the Wimbledon finals. And that he does so even otherwise. It quietly speaks volumes about both of them. And about what they stand for.

My observations on how Team Rolex has max-ed out on their association with Roger Federer and communicated it in classy, minimalistic style, post Wimbledon 2017, are as follows :

  • They created a clear, precise correlation between the qualities of a Rolex and Federer’s achievements.
  • They used numbers. And pictures. Both are worth more than a million words.
  • They made me realise that moments that comprise time. But these moments were not just time. They are history. Brilliant insight that became the heart of the communication.

And that is the way to use celebrities in your communication. Also check out how every Rolex tells a story. In this case Federer’s.