9x5 Deluxe Galvanised Full Checker Plate 2000 kg Capacity Tandem Trailer with High Sides and Cage

Available for sale is this 9×5 ft galvanised tandem axle trailer. This is an extra heavy duty deluxe model with high sides, 600mm mesh cage, and a huge 2000kg ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass).


  • 500mm sidewalls
  • Tie down bars all around
  • Includes side steps
  • 100% Australian mane with locally supplied steel
  • Fully galvanised and sealed with primer and 2 layers of Hammertone top coat
  • Fully welded
  • LED lights
  • Jockey wheel
  • Compliance plate & Vin number
  • Second hand tyres
  • Blue slip & 12 month warranty

The following is some comparisons we’ve made with other 9×5 extra heavy duty trailers available on the market. Take a look to see why ours are the best value money can buy! Muscle Trailers Other Sellers Side walls and floor are one-piece fold Other sellers’ walls are welded Full 2.5mm thick checker plate for floor, side walls, mud guards, gates and light boards Other sellers use 1.8mm-2.1mm thick Two 45mm solid square axles with one size up bearings, 2.8 tonne capacity for the axles themselves! Other sellers use 40mm axles with standard bearings which have a maximum 2 tonne capacity 7 leaf springs, 2.5 tonne capacity for the springs Other sellers use 5–6 leaf springs, which can carry a 2 tonne maximum Override hydraulic brakes on front axle. Other sellers use mechanical cable brakes Chassis: 50mm x 50mm x 3mm Other sellers use 40mm x 40mm x 2.5mm thick or even angle steel Drawbar: 100mm x 50mm x 3mm Other sellers use 75mm x 50mm x 2.5mm thick or even less Chassis has 7 cross members Other sellers have only 4–5 cross members 1.8m long draw bar, and we can make any length of the draw bar to suit your needs at no extra cost! Other sellers are 1.4m-1.6m fixed length 500mm deep side walls Other sellers are 255mm deep for standard sides 10 inch wide mud guards. If you want to change to different sets of wheels, you will know that wide mud guards are very important! Other sellers are 9 inch wide Tie down bars are 32mm x 3.5mm thick, nearly impossible to bend! You will see lots of trailers from other sellers with bent tie down bars on the roads

Return and refund policy:

We guarantee satisfaction with every purchase! If you’re not satisfied, you can return the trailer within 14 days of purchase and we’ll provide you with a full refund. Trailer must be returned in original condition, otherwise additional fees may apply. Please call us on 0472999100 if you have any questions or would like to organise delivery. https://www.muscletrailers.com.au/product/9x5-galvanised-tandem-trailer-deluxe-high-sides-with-mesh-cage-heavy-duty-aus-made/?feed_id=136&_unique_id=6208acfa700f4





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