Mobile Photography Bingo

J110 in UC Berkeley gave me some interesting assignment, Mobile Photography Bingo!

I choose second low of the bingo!

1. Action

07 13 2017 UC Berkeley

On the way to GBC, someone juggled tennis ball in front of the student union. He’s very good at juggling. His moving looked so very active, so I took a picture of him while juggling. I took a lot of picture, and found the best cut of him with flying ball!

2. Back Light

07 13 2017, Bancroft Way

When I walk down the street, I felt the sunshine is so bright. And the road sign looks so huge because of the back light!

3. Ant’s View

07 13 2017, In front of Sproul Hall

Ants are in everywhere. And their view would be much different than people and animals. I think they look some weed like dense forest. And they feel the fallen leaves like off-roads.

4. 2 and 4

07 14 2017, Unit2

I need some snacks because I will go to picnic tomorrow. To spend my meal point, I bought some chips from GBC. And I bought Pringles and Lays. When I back to residence hall, I take out snacks from my bag. And I found that ‘2 and 4’! I bought 2 Pringles and 4 Lays!

5. Repeating Patterns

07 13 2017, Sutardja Hall

In front of the CS10 classroom, there are some tables. I found interesting repeating pattern on the table! There are so much halls on the table, so it looks very interesting at that view point, over table.

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