2017 in Review

Spending 8 months away from my home country taught me how to spend time wisely

As 2017 wind down to a close, it is time to reflect upon the good and bad of 2017 and prepare for a whole slew of goals to accomplish come 2018. In 2017, I am grateful to have spent more than half of my time overseas in the US, expanding my horizon across the world. 2017 was a whole year dedicated to an internship. Through this experience, the internship has added value in how I prepare for the workforce. Things might not turn out the way it should be, but learning from mistakes and moving forward as a whole is what’s important. During this year dreams have been forged, lots of learning has happened and the following are what I have gained and to reinforce as habits in the coming 2018. It starts off with improving oneself and moving towards learning and growing together with others.

Read and learn as much as possible

In 2017, These were the resources that expanded my thinking. In Crash Course Philosophy, I’ve gained skills to improve my critical thinking skills and the why behind decisions I make. The other two were tied to Elon Musk, understanding why he do what he do and why he is able to. In 2018, I aim to gain skills in Data Science, read up on business books and start putting this skills to good use.


Take Action

Reading provides the motivation. Reading more overwrites the previous reading. Start doing after reading just like writing this post, getting feedback from friends, doing something that I’ve always had feared not logically but just a feeling as I never tried. How bad can it get?


This has been lacking in 2017. Excuses such as its raining, it’s too cold, I’ll do it tomorrow morning are excuses that pushes things to never. There are gonna be days where it’s hard to exercise and for me, working out the upper body is the toughest thing ever. Come 2018, it’s time to hit the gym and work out those muscles

Paper first

Computers has always limited our mindsets to have a structural view of the world and as a developer, my mind is way too structured for sure. Open up a blank piece of paper and I’m surprised by the amount of content that gushes through my mind. Brainstorming from a bigger picture before going into the depths of explaining.

Questioning why and doing (Know the why)

In 2017, I’m always faced with this problem of too many emails, too many tabs. I’ve tried software such as Evernote with note tagging capability, Pocket to keep important tabs, Todoist to keep my todoist but sometime down the road, it starts to sway and I am back to square one. In 2018, setting the why and anchoring in it doing what I hope to achieve makes it so much easier to focus.

Have an end in mind

Start with a big picture. It might be impossible with today’s skillset but having that end goal sets a structure in place for what needs to be learnt and what can be done with the skillset on hand. In 2018, I’m looking forward to launching a few apps into the mobile app stores.

Put consequences to actions

Putting consequences such as tasks being deleted, money being transferred out of my account. Having things that I value puts me on the edge to get things done without me having to be pushed by another. I should be the critique of myself, pushing myself forward that my future self would thank me for.

Critical Thinking

Reasoning by first principles, thinking at the very core foundation that everyone agrees upon. Learning how to debate is an art to gain knowledge from others and learn our lack of knowledge bring one another to another level. Learning to be clear and concise allows people to understand the decisions made and place trust in the decision maker.



Go out there, enjoy and soak in the culture. What’s the worst that could happen seriously? The takeaways are way higher than the downsides. Learn from others and allow others to learn from us. The world is so much bigger than our minds can imagine.


Understanding oneself

Knowing oneself is the fundamentals of knowing someone else. If we can fundamentally understand the reason for our actions, we can tweak it to substitute bad actions for good ones. From speaking to people twice my age, they have shared about having a vision of what I aim to achieve in the next 50 years and start dividing by half each time to finally come to conclusion with what needs to be done this year alone.


Fear of Failure (Stop getting affirmations from others)

One mistake I make in 2017 is waiting for affirmations from others. If there ain’t any, I feel an emptiness and guilt that I have not done well enough. Understanding that failure ain’t failure if there was key takeaways to it. Learning is core to my growth as a person. No one can give you the best affirmation accept myself. Accepting that I’ve done and given my best listening to feedback to see where I am able to improve.

Friends and Family

With social media comes hundreds or even thousands of friends, finding that one or a group of friends to support one another in down moments is the rarest friendships ever. Family too are always there for one another, I get so caught up with work that I gave up on such things but I am glad that they constantly support me moving forward.

Meet new people

Though having a tight need group of friends is important, it is equally as important to keep an open mind and meet new people, hearing new perspectives, improving thought processes and networks.


Find your community

Finding people with similar passions and pushing one another for growth. It is going to be hard to find and most times, it would be built from the ground up, finding the initial group to kickstart it moving forward.


Helping others, Acts of Kindness

Giving back to the community. I have been blessed with a healthy body and a family that is able to support me through university, providing me the education needed. There are so many people who have unmet needs and helping


Share my skills

Teaching someone your skillsets re-enforces the knowledge you have. Giving back by teaching my technological skills and learning soft skills from others helps me to grow and hopefully helps others to grow as well.

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