B Banking App #fail

Incumbent banks and building societies are all rushing into the new era of financial technology (fintech) disruption and launching new services (primarily mobile) to stay pace with the new breed challenger banks. Not many of these incumbents understand what they’re doing and how to execute on a good customer experience.

I signed up to Clydesdale & Yorkshire banks new mobile banking service called B. Here’s my experience.

The sign up process had to be done online. You can’t sign up via mobile. Bit odd for a mobile account. What’s more the signup process is super high fiction. Huge form, way too many questions, takes an age. Major turn off. Their drop off rate at sign up must be savage!

Card and pin arrive a week later. OK.

No way to load funds into my B account via the app. I needed to do a bank transfer from another account into B. #fail

The damn chicken. Get rid of the damn chicken.

The app takes forever to initialise and load. Oh man, that damn chicken. Half the time it doesn’t load, presumably failing under load to connect to overstretched servers.

Once you’re in the app it is painfully obvious that it’s a rushed hybrid HTML app that’s been wrapped in Phonegap / Cordova or similar. The UX is clunky, and does not feel native. #fail

When I tried to add a new payee so I could transfer money to them the app crashes when I hit the “Add” button after filling out the payee details form. #fail

There’s therefore no way for me to back out my funds back to my account short of calling customer services or telephone banking.

When I call customer services they’re very friendly and helpful. They tell me they can do the transfer for me. So I start with the receiving parties sort code. Oh dear, it is apparently invalid and not in their database. #fail

I opt to have CS transfer the money back to my other account. I give them my details and their system refuses to send the transfer so they transfer me to telephone banking which they guide me through. That worked.

But really, what a mess. The product and services backing it are just not prime time ready. I’ve heard of Lean Methodology but if this is their idea of MVP I’m afraid this is brand destroying stuff. You’re not doing yourselves any favours.

This is what they mean when fintech pundits say that incumbent banks just don’t get technology. What a perfect examples. More power to the startups.

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