The summer holiday season is coming to an end and, for many of us, it’s time to go back to work. But this year, will we return to the office (if at all) as if nothing happened?

During the lockdown period, the way in which companies conveyed their culture and ensured knowledge transfer was fully transformed digitally. However, the paradigm shift towards digitization was already underway prior to the pandemic with:

  • The accelerating pace of skill obsolescence, creating a generation gap in organizations and increasing employee integration and training costs.
  • Higher employee expectations, forcing employers to build competitive employee benefits packages to attract, engage and retain. …

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To help our portfolio companies navigate through the current “fog of uncertainty”, we have decided to write a series of articles in which we’ll delve into the impact of the Covid-19 sanitary crisis on our areas of expertise: energy, mobility and industry 4.0.

In these articles, we will analyze the impact over three different periods identified in our first article:

  • Quarantine period — Fighting through the sanitary crisis (10–15 weeks in the UE)
  • Safe-mode period — Learning to co-exist with Covid-19 (after quarantine)
  • Period of recovery — Development and distribution of a vaccine at large scale (from 2021)

Who would have thought that over 3.9 billion people worldwide could be confined in their homes and that most long-haul transport could be frozen? It’s undeniable, we are in the middle of a major health crisis that, depending on its outcome, could lead to the biggest economic crisis in our recent history. …

We are on the verge of a huge shift in the way we move.

Car ownership has long been perceived as a symbol of independence and played an important role in marking one’s success. However, times are changing.

Today, it’s becoming increasingly easier to get around cities in private vehicles without having to own one. …


Clara Juppe

Passionate about innovation and startups in #smartcities, #smart industry and #tech4good — VC @Aster Capital, HEC Paris Alumni

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