Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister

Dr. Meister, I like the fact that you emphasize that following the life of Christ is what’s important. What I find in Christianity, more so in Catholicism but still to a significant degree in other Christian faiths, is what I call the smorgasbord effect. When I was going through the process of conversion to Catholicism, I was told that the Old Testament was for the Jews, yet as I read about religion and listen, I am struck by the fact that we pick and choose as befits the situation. A bit of Genesis here, and a smattering of Timothy there, however; it doesn’t stop with the Bible alone. I see and hear things that go against the core beliefs of the Church constantly. I love learning and I love the community of faith, but the hypocrisy drives me away. As you mentioned in this article… I also find the interpretation of the Bible by lay people to be vexing at best. I am looking for ways to branch out and grow, so I would greatly appreciate your advice.