Dear Artist,

It’s time to ‘Go Live’ with a company that has your back. As an artist, the majority of profits will come from gigs and touring, but it is challenging to get exposure and opportunity. On existing digital media platforms, the advertising revenue shared with content creators is less than a penny-per-view. This is great for certain types of content, but not for high-quality content that deserves a higher price tag. On top of that, companies are taking more than half of the advertising revenue for themselves. Existing digital distribution models are not fair to the artist. This is why Juqebox is here to help. Juqebox is a fresh startup on a mission to empower producers and performers by providing them with a flexible and fair set of monetization tools.

Live streaming with Juqebox, you have the potential to earn much more. When you go live, you set your own per-view price. This could be free, $2, $10, or more for a headline performance. You can create subscribable channels to earn recurring revenue for your consistent effort. In an online store attached to your artist profile, you will be able to sell your tickets and merchandise. You will even get connected with sponsors to grow on your journey as an artist. Juqebox will empower you to directly monetize your content, sell more tickets, and increase your following.

When you join the Juqebox community you will be able to live stream your performances from wherever you are, at any time you want. An artist can live stream from their home, studio, or an event they are performing. For a gig, this will increase the size of the audience beyond the physical capacity and geographical scope of the venue.

During a live stream, a viewer will control their view of multiple synchronized camera angles. Your CD-J will be plugged-in to deliver top-notch audio and external microphones will capture the audience noise, which a viewer can turn up or down. This lets each viewer interact with your live stream and create their own unique perspective. As they watch, a viewer can record short clips of your set and share their favorite moments to the Discover Feed. A viewer might start a recording during the build, turn the audience noise up, and toggle to an interesting angle on the drop. As other viewers come to the application, they will be greeted with other’s favorite moments. The Discover Feed creates a powerful music discovery experience that emphasizes the essence of now.

As an end-to-end live stream and distribution solution, powering an immersive social viewing experience. Juqebox is here to empower artists and captivate audiences.

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