but thank you for the pain, it made me raise my game.

cyberbullied — some people think it’s a thing and some people think it’s not. little jurah first experience of it at 13 years old, rejecting a boy and his friends bashing up against her as she curled up on the floor, wrist stained with red ink.

to think at 20 years old, i’d face the same exact thing again and what wrong did i do? be happy. grateful to be alive. content with what i have. appreciating what it’s given because only god knows how easily He can take it away from me.

hilarious, isn’t it. you’d think a bunch of adults, would be mature about it, would focus on their own life much less on other’s. you’d think a married couple would focus on their marriage much less on other relationships. you’d think a woman who dons the hijab would care about her image and how she portrays her religion much less talking trash about another woman openly.

as my significant other told me, without sounding malicious or mean, there’s factors indicating low self-esteem. think about it, i hardly have any time to hate on other people, to pick on other people. what good does it bring me? what do i benefit from it — staining my heart with bad vibe? feeling tak puas hati every now and then as i think about it? they have so much free time to pick on me, instead of focusing on their life. i’m out here doing my own thing.

oh yes. and after confrontation, so defensive! no time for petty fights! so, so contradicting. i’m moving on from this insignificant drama. i pray those adults actually start thinking straight and know that one day, their child may or may not go through the same thing.

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