I just wanna know you better now.

Today I realized something and it’s honestly heart-wrenching to know that ego never fails to stand in the way of an issue. Sometimes it gets too late to do something about it and sometimes it’s not but people don’t seem to see that, do they?

Initially, I was mad. Angry, frustrated. I don’t understand why they’d come in and just be so obnoxious towards other people. How dare they step in to this and boss people around? Who are they and how big do they think they are but slowly, as I spend more time with them (not like I have a choice anyway so might as well suck it up and deal with it), they’re all very nice people who are doing their job. Just not……..in a way that others would like them to.

Trust me, when I first saw X, I thought he’s all that-big-talk shit but slowly, he’s a genuine person. The nicest one I met so far? I mean he helped me out with my ridiculously shit pay (ahahaha….) and let me do whatever I want so long as I get the tasks done and proper. He even bought me lunch and wouldn’t let me pay for it. We just sort of look out for each other in terms of supervisor-intern.

Then I met Y and he’s a fancy person when I first met him. I was an awkward turtle because I thought he was from some other country or something but he’s another yalam lol. I thought he was a know-it-all, bossy and simply obnoxious. Of course, people didn’t like the way he treated them and there was grudges here and there. Today, we talked and I understood his job scope and he’s just doing what he’s suppose to do.

I only met Z once but we talked on the phone and she seems just as nice, maybe she just wants me to help her but whatever, I’m not gonna assume. Though I don’t understand why she has to be rude to someone and clearly needs to apologise.

What I will assume is that these new people that came on-board thought just because they have knowledge, they feel that they know better and I don’t blame them for it and what the older people thought, their jobs are taken away just like that without any clear explanation whatsoever and felt betrayed altogether, I don’t blame them either honestly.

It just seems like these two sides are being thrown at each other just like that without any proper introduction and I guess egos are bruised and grudges are made instead of understanding one another and relationships are formed.

I get that some things will be implemented and changes are made here and there. Change is good, change is great because staying the same will be boring sooner or later and we won’t be moving forward but change needs time. We can’t come to a place, and make changes straight away. Of course there’ll be disagreements and whatevernot.

I rather new people take some time to understand how everything works while the old ones explain and vice versa. Just shut up, explain and understand. Old ones know what’s been going on, they know the shop better and new ones know how to solve different issues. At the same time, put down egos and don’t hold grudges. It’s not that hard.

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