I miss you — Blink 182

It’s 5.22pm as I type this on the keyboard of my laptop, listening to that song. I tried to find a music where I can let it out and this was the song. I’m in the midst of watching Riverdale, apparently everyone is watching it and it’s taken from Archie comics, one that I’ve read since my primary school days. Spending $5 every weekend and occasionally weekday buying a new comic each time I finished it. Being grounded for reading it too much and having all of it confiscated because it wasn’t making a good effect on my English grades.

And I stopped watching TV shows, even though I don’t have Netflix but I do know a website that works the same and at 3pm whilst my boyfriend is asleep and resting for his night shift later on, I gave the first episode of Riverdale a shot. Jesus, I cried at the ending. And I let my emotions take control, then I took a moment and realized that it’s been almost a year since I watched any shows.

I remembered watching the first season of Arrow because of Ali, and then Flash but I stopped. I moved on to Akid and he made me watch Green Lantern animated series together with Young Justice animated series and I stopped once again. Okay, to be honest I don’t know where I’m going with this but I realized, this is me having my me-time and I enjoyed it. I took a break from everyone and just enjoyed watching a show, on my bed with my comfy socks on and pink parka.

Upon watching the first episode of Riverdale, the sudden realization of why I stopped watching TV shows hit me and this may sound insane but ever since Zur, I enjoyed imagining if I was in the shoe of whatever show I’m in and sometimes, shows don’t have happy endings. Of course by the third episode, I got rid of that mindset and just enjoyed the show as it is.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m typing this out because it’s kinda weird. In summary, it felt good watching a TV show again and just enjoying the day by myself, with myself. My boyfriend is up now as of 5.37pm. I’ll tell him about it, till then Medium. Thanks for letting me pour out the weirdest thoughts.

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