Settled down at Starbucks Tampines West CC at 8.10pm, sitting cross-legged at a nice little corner, with my grande java chips at the side of the Macbook that Zurhairi kindly paid half for. I feel like it’s been some time I did this- spending some quality time with myself, and just myself. This week has been rather, conflicting. I’ve been collating my thoughts and opinions base on what I saw and learnt but they’re all in a jumble. Bits and pieces everywhere and so I am here. Arranging them, and trying solve or figure out how I could deal with the problems. Because for sure, these few issues will be repeated.

Jesus, I don’t even know where to start. Maybe Tuesday since that’s where it all started. There was no classes for me on Tuesday and Wednesday which means I gotta work the entire 9 hours. I thought it wouldn’t be that bad since I already went through it before for 2 weeks before I got enrolled into the Early Childhood diploma. Almost a month into this job, getting to know the kids and understand them, it’s easier for me to handle them but now, I’m having issues with how the teachers handle them. I guess the first 2 weeks weren’t as bad because I thought the teachers knew what they were doing since they know the kids much longer than I do.

I don’t know if I’m being melodramatic or just being a ‘freshie teacher’ so the passion is still igniting but it truly hurts me when I see the kids that I can handle well, getting reprimanded by other teachers. I don’t understand what’s so hard about dealing with the kids.

Nandini and Jovel are extremely favouritist. No chill on their biasness. And it’s annoying. They’ll give the kids that they like special treatment and kids that they don’t just lots of shouting and harsh tones and so many times I’ve wanted to tell them (mainly Jovel), “Eh, can you talk nicely to them? They’re just kids and don’t really understand much yet.” Which I probably will if it gets too much.

On Thursday, it’s a new module. And we had to be in groups…….and my team ended up sacrificing ourselves as the biggest group and included the 3 oldies. Which is aggravating as hell because they don’t wanna give and take so much. But I kinda got over it. I’ve 6 more days and I’m so prepared to change team by next module.

I can’t wait to have my own class, jeez. I’m so annoyed with this week. Ugh.

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