the old me is dead and gone.

so for the past few weeks has been hell for me. recently i just started working at toasties and the first person i got to know was rifqi and i owe him so much, he taught me a lot. then i got to know ramadhan, danish and akid and working with them was a lot of fun. followed by hakim — and he was utterly nice despite how awkward i was. then i worked with filza, faith and ty and they’re the sweetest girls i’ve met. (i mean already know filza teehee) recently i worked with fad (so funny bcus my baby nephew’s name is the same) and ashraf and they’re the most funniest guys i’ve met and especially akid hahaha

there’s other a handful that i worked with but idk man they make me upset so let’s skip them shall we. nonetheless i owe it all to hakeem who introduced me to the job and i’m so happy and comfortable with this job especially since fnb is not my forte. my anxiety hardly comes though i do freak out most of the times.

but so far, the people i’ve been working with has been rly sweet and caring. i’ve been smiling a lot, laughing a lot and it’s all thanks to them. though they laugh at me every time i freak out but still nice you know?

also i’m trying to pick myself up again and i have mr smarty pants to thank for it. there’s plenty of positive vibes around and i’m planning to keep it that way. no more bad vibes. :-)

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