There wasn’t a cab to begin with.

I can’t take it anymore. Everyone is stressing me out, and I do mean everyone. I am a 19 year old person, who just wants to get through her internship and her what it seems to be an extra shitty year of school.

Everyone’s bugging me about pay, about the system, about the people and whatever other nonsense politics that I can’t afford to give a fuck about. And all of this fucking stresses leads me to losing my feelings and other nice emotions and leaving me to just full of anger and frustration and you know what that leads me to?

Getting impatient with the one I fucking love and having arguments with him almost every single fucking day and it’s bloody tiring. I couldn’t even have a good day with him today but everything decides to break and hit rock bottom.

You know what fucking sucks the most? I can’t even bring myself to seek comfort from the one person I run to and bawl my fucking eyes out because I am just so done with humans who can’t comprehend a single thing that’s been going on in my head or know what to do. I’m not just referring to him but I’m referring this to everyone.

I’m carrying shit tons of negatives and bullshit from all that I’ve been getting because I couldn’t have the heart to shut everyone off but you know I did it to? My best friend who is so fucking in love with me. Because of all these fucking stress, I lashed it out at him, I hurt him too many fucking times, made him cry instead and you know what he can still say to me? “I love you very much.”

The person who deserves to get the best of treatment from me gets the shittiest while it’s suppose to be the other way around. So fuck all of you obnoxious and ignorant fuckers.