Clip on bed light

This morning I woke up and, after my routine, met my flatmate in the kitchen. It was usual small talk up to the point when I mentioned that I have ordered something from Amazon (clip on bed light), and that it should be arriving today. Since today I am starting my work earlier than usual, I might not be at home when the parcel arrives. At this point I told my flat mate that postman would leave the package with him, as I included his name in the delivery instructions in case I am not at home.

He frowned. Guess I should have asked him first if it is OK. Sometimes we do it automatically when someone’s parcel arrives, we just bring it upstairs. So I presumed that it would be alright. I already forgot how painful it was when I asked something from him the last time. I hate asking people for anything and if I can, I avoid it because after that most people will start to look down on you in a way.

I felt anxiety and sadness as a result of the situation. I did not know what was the source, but I had a feeling that something did not go down well. I decided to do some work and after a while a solution was revealed. I had a lot of doubt if I receive the package today (really wanted to read in my bed using my new clip on light that evening). I really really wanted and that was the problem. I was not content. In content and certainty there is comfort and peace of mind. Sorrow and discomfort are established in anger and doubt.

By the way, the clip on bed light ended up being delivered to the office downstairs. When setting up the order I entered the address incorrectly.

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