Dead Ones

When I sit down to write, I usually do my psycho hygiene first as this really helps to clear my heart and mind as well. Even if I don't know what to write about, this process is sure to take my writing towards some subject matter which I expand on. It is usually something that is on my mind during that time. This ensures that my writing is authentic.

Saying that, I shouldn’t write something that I don’t feel passionate about. I shouldn’t force myself into writing about something that my heart doesn't incline to. Words should be streaming from the heart. If they're not then the process is forced and when it is forced, I don’t want to do it and reader doesn’t want to read it, as it feels unnatural and boring to both parties.

On the other hand there is authentic writing which when read by a reader, it will bring him heartfelt feeling. That's what all writers should strive for. This is real writing. Otherwise it's just an illusion.

For example today I realized that it really does my head in when I see different websites where success is measured by how much money you make. If only people who go to these websites knew that all these celebrated rich people will be held accountable for all the money they have. If only they knew that being held accountable automatically means some kind of chastisement in most cases. They would never ever praise these celebrities who have a lot of money. They would never ever praise them. It would stop being a standard of success for them very quickly. Not only that but if they would earn more money than they usually do, they would start to worry. This would be the case of people with sound mind at least. Others wouldn’t care. To be absolutely frank, sometimes I feel like I am part of the latter.

Ya Allah, make all the believers from among those who won’t have to be held accountable. And send blessings on Muhammad and his family, Imams and Mahdis.

It doesn’t even make me angry. When I think about it I just feel sad for all these people. They praise those who are negligent of Allah. Such are their role models. How ridiculous is that. It is as if we were to live on this Earth for ever. As if there was no hereafter. As if all these people were just blind towards the next life. They think that this is all there is. So let's earn as much money as possible so that we can get all that stuff we don’t need. It is disgusting and it doesn't make any sense. It used to make me feel sick to my stomach. Now it just makes me sad.

What am i getting at? I guess it is never too late to wake up and turn your life around. If you really want to do that ask Allah and He will help you. There is no doubt about that. Just be sincere and He will make you see the world with different eyes. World that you perceive with a heart instead of walking around blind. It is never too late and it is possible. Let your intention be sincere and it will happen. As our Father a.s. says,

“Wake up o sleepers, wake up o dead ones!”

Ya Allah, send your peace and blessing upon Muhammad and his Family, Imams and Mahdis. And all praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.