5 Things To Do On An Escalator

I know how frustrating it is to find yourself in a situation where you are out of things to do on an escalator.

Despair no more — I am here to help you.

Here are 5 easy-to-implement ideas:

1. Kiss & Snuggle

Why waste 12 seconds of your life if you can rekindle your connection with a loved one? Especially if you have been doing this the whole day. Don’t let them forget how annoying you can be!

2. Establish Your Dominance.

There is no better chance to demonstrate your dominance than by physically positioning yourself higher than your partner on the escalator.

Step 1. Put your hand on the top of their head and pronounce “I own you”.

Step 2. Enjoy approximately 12 seconds of superiority before things turn back to usual.

3. Burry your face in the chest of your partner.

The more female-like the chest, the smoother the experience.

It is by far the only public place where where touching breasts with your face is almost socially accepted.

4. Imitate Forrest Gump.

Because you are totally more important and more in rush than everyone else.

5. Doze off on your phone.

There is no other place like escalator for that.

Maybe except for the metro, the bus, the train, the plane, the bus stop, street corner, line at the bank, your work desk, your toilet, every class, your sofa, your friend’s birthday party, and a few other places.

Happy escalator rides!

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