5 things I learned with meditation

I’ve recently stumbled upon an amazing app called Headspace. It helps you get started with meditation by guiding you through lessons with a wonderfully crafted interface and profound animations.

I’ve been recommending it to all my dearest friends and colleagues and I’m recommending it to you as well. Trust me, meditation will get a new meaning once you try out the app.

But before you do that, let me explain the five things I’ve personally gotten out of meditating.

1. Calm your mind

One of the first things you’ll learn is not how to try and control your thoughts but rather to observe what’s going on. This can definitely be applied in your everyday life. Some things aren’t meant to be fiddled by us but to be understood instead.

2. Be present

Concentrating on physical sensations is one of the best training methods for becoming mindful. Observing the sensations that we so often overlook and take for granted, makes us more connected with ourselves which makes it even easier to observe our mind.

3. Remember the blue sky

We’re all familiar with the saying “There is always sunshine after a rainy day”. But we often forget that no matter where we are and how we’re feeling, there is always sun above the clouds. Even if we’re having the worst day of our lives and nothing seems to be going in the right direction, we can stop and take a few minutes to absorb what’s going on. We will often see that most of the times, our view of the blue sky is only blocked, not trully gone.

4. Find your motivation

Having motivation is crucial whether you’re meditating, working out or starting a business. Finding out what motivates you will get you closer to your goals and help you overcome all the heavy obstacles you may find on your path.

5. Focus on the people you care about

Our lifetime is infinitely shorter than the age of the universe. We’re extremely small, yet we’re acting like we’re in the center of it. Instead of being focused on “I”, try thinking about how the things you’re doing can positively affect people that you care about the most.

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