Do startups need big teams?

Inexperienced startup founders in early stages tend to get together as many people that are willing to work for a percentage of nothing.

“I’m the CEO, would you be my CTO?” ❤

“We’re a team of 5 but we need another marketing person to help us get off the ground”.

“We’re a 3 people startup working on an awesome idea, we just need someone to build a prototype.”

I mean, what? Are you fucking serious? Jason Calacanis explained it awesomely in his post:

If you’re a founder who has great ideas and is good at writing business plans, you are going extinct. No one cares about you any more — unless you’ve had exits that made people money.

So, how about you start fucking building (or learn how to build) stuff instead of thinking how to grow the team? Yeah of course, investors give money to talent, but seriously - if you’re a founder with no particular skills except for having an idea and convincing people to join your startup, you’re gonna have a tough time getting your business off the ground. At all.

If you’re not moved by that, think of it this way — are you willing to give equity to anyone that’ll join your team, because you think you need them or you’ll really desperately need them once shit starts gettin’ real?

So, what happens when you have a team of 5 building a simple MVP? People start designing custom icons, spend 2 weeks on the logo, another 5 weeks on the landing page that collects emails and then when they’re almost done, they decide it’d be nice to redesign the whole page. Oh, in the meantime, it’d be cool to do some t-shirt designs as well, right?

What. The. Fuck. Stop spending your precious time on stupid stuff that doesn’t matter this early on. You won’t get customers if you tweak your logo “just a bit” or if you think your landing page is not the best fucking landing page on this planet.

You found a problem (or you think you did), start solving it. Of course, if you have a team that has to “work” 60h/week, why not spend a few of those hours on stupid stuff - after all, you’re a “startup”.

Set up your goals and pursue them. You don’t need a team of 5, you need clear vision, a clear no-bullshit plan and execution.

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