Dear Agility Scales co-owner,

It has been three months since my previous update. I needed that time to recover, financially and mentally, from the hectic period that went before. But also to consider various options and ideas I had for the future of the business.

As you probably know, the company is on hold because our Mind Settlers product didn’t work out as we had hoped. …

Dear shareholder and certificate holder,

It has been three months since I put our startup on hold. Sadly, Agility Scales was not able to achieve Product/Market fit before the end of our financial runway. A pivot was sorely needed, and the team was dissolved.

Eric Ries of the Lean Startup describes a pivot as “a change in strategy without a change in vision.” …

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I’m in crisis mode.
I can use your help.

My Agility Scales startup has failed (so far) and is temporarily on hold, waiting for an opportunity to pivot. 🥺

I am selling the last bit of ownership of Management 3.0 because, after ten years of leadership stuff, I want to do something else. But I don’t know what. 🤔

Now I have my new Shiftup workshops (which are going well), but I need to decide in which direction to take the brand and my future. …

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