17 Exciting Startup Events in Europe, 2017

Now that I can legitimately call myself an entrepreneur again, I decided to invest some time and energy (and money) in seeking out European startup events and conferences. Here are the first results of my research.

These are 17 exciting events and conferences for founders, entrepreneurs, and startuppers, which take place in Europe for the rest of this year.

TheNextWeb, 18+19 May, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pioneers Festival, 1+2 June, Vienna, Austria
Lisbon Investment Summit, 6+7 June, Lisbon, Portugal
EBAN, 7–9 June, Málaga, Spain
Lean Startup Summit, 13+14 June, London, United Kingdom
The Europas, 13 June, London, United Kingdom
Startup Grind Europe, 14 June, London, United Kingdom
Tech Open Air, 11–14 July, Berlin, Germany
ICEIRD, 31 Aug+1 Sep, Thessaloniki, Greece
Pirate Summit, 6+7 Sep, Cologne, Germany
NEXT Conference, 21+22 Sep, Hamburg, Germany
Startup Fest Europe, 25–28 Sep, The Netherlands
HighTech Venture Days, 18+19 Oct, Dresden, Germany
Web Summit, 6–9 Nov, Lisbon, Portugal
Global Entrepreneurship Week, 13–19 Nov, many cities
hub.berlin, 28 Nov, Berlin, Germany
Slush, 30 Nov+1 Dec, Helsinki, Finland

Did I miss any?

If you know of any other startup events scheduled to take place in Europe this year (or early next year), feel free to reach out!

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