200 Topics — Which Are Your Favorites? — Vote!

Hello fellow founders, entrepreneurs, and agilists!

I signed a contract with publisher Wiley to write and publish a new book called Startup, Scaleup, Screwup: 50 Tools to Drive Lean and Agile Business Growth. But I need your help deciding which topics to cover in the book!

What do you want me to discuss in your ideal startup/scaleup book?

You can find almost 200 topics in this spreadsheet. You have a maximum of 50 votes. Send your opinions to: jurgen@noop.nl.

The book will be released around April 2019. There will be a draw of 20 free copies among everyone who helped me select the topics. Oh, and our Agility Scales team will use the results to prioritize new content for the Mind Settlers platform. That’s win-win! :-)

Thanks for your help!

Download the spreadsheet.