Jurgen’s Hop-on Hop-off Canadian 50th Birthday Tour 2019

It will happen this Summer.

July 20, 2019, is the day I will turn 50.

Hurray. 🤔

I have decided to celebrate this personal achievement by giving myself a birthday present that I have wanted for a very long time: a big trip through Canada. I am inviting some of my friends to celebrate my 50th anniversary with me, in Canada. I still need to figure out all the details, but the idea is as follows.

From July 1 to August 31, for two long months, I will be touring around either the east or the west of Canada. I will rent a big car, maybe even an RV, and I will visit big cities, amazing villages, national parks, and some very remote places. I’m thinking of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Jasper, Yukon, Vancouver, and many other destinations. (I’ll have to choose east or west first.) I want to go hiking, running, biking, kayaking, and I want to enjoy Canada’s amazing nature and scenery. And I want to eat good food. And drink great coffee (which obviously excludes Tim Hortons). And I want to do a bit of work.

I am inviting some of my dearest friends to join me on that trip. This can be for a few days or a few weeks, either alone or with several friends at a time. I imagine traveling through Canada with different people in different weeks. I could pick them up in the city where they arrived, and drop them off in another town from where they will go back home. Perhaps a new friend will already be waiting for me there, or else I will continue the trip on my own until the next co-travelers present themselves.

I might call it Jurgen’s Hop-on Hop-off Canadian 50th Birthday Tour 2019. (I may have to shorten that a little.)

My friends will obviously have a say in the details of the trip. Will we go left? Will we go right? Do we plan several days ahead or are we going to improvise? I look forward to discussing logistics with everyone. It’s going to be a nightmare. But that’s what friends are for.

Two months is a long time. I won’t be able to do this financially without doing a bit of work every day. Bills will need to be paid! Teams will need to be managed! Customers, investors, and journalists won’t care that I’m Skyping from a canoe. And thus I will be working a few hours each day in a coffee shop, in a B&B, in the car, or while taking a rest from hiking up a mountain.

No project of mine is complete without a bit of social media marketing. So my followers can expect me to post updates and photos from the trip. Maybe we can even meet a few locals along the way who can show us the best spots that only they know about. That would be awesome. (Hint)

So… I will be planning my hop-on hop-off trip in the next few weeks. It’s yet another project added to my list. But it’s perhaps the only one that I feel I deserved.