This Is Your Last Chance to Blow Up Your 2018 Learning Budget

I am working hard on my new Shiftup workshop (description here). And the tentative schedule is slowly taking shape. See:

The registration pages for the first events are already open! Others will follow soon, I’m sure.

Do you need to boost your 2018 learning budget? If yes, purchase workshop vouchers now so that your expenses count toward 2018 while reserving a seat in one of my workshops in 2019.

Click here: ***sorry, not available anymore***

I will send you an invoice this month (December 2018) and then, after payment, you can use the voucher for a workshop sometime next year.

Please note:

  • Only paid vouchers are valid; they are valid until December 2019.
  • The price of the voucher(s) will be deducted from workshop fees, which vary per location.
  • Availability of workshop dates in 2019 depends on partners/organizers.
  • New dates on the schedule (May and later) will be added soon.
  • In case of no attendance, voucher(s) will be refunded in Dec 2019.
  • Workshops in 2019 will only be scheduled in Europe and North-America.
  • Our invoice+your payment together form the evidence of your voucher.

Hope you’ll join me in 2019. :)