Why Shiftup?

I started a new series of workshops called Shiftup.


  • Because being Agile is not a goal in itself. A more sensible goal is for organizations to survive and thrive through continuous innovation. That’s where the learning should start for people: how to be an innovation leader. Business agility is just an essential part of getting there.
  • Because a workshop is just a stepping stone on people’s learning paths. The total picture includes self-paced learning, deliberate practice, coaching, assessments, and the peer-to-peer exchange of experiences. I want my Shiftup program to cover the complete learning path.
  • Because there is a need to make learning and behavioral change more fun and engaging. Most change programs are quite dull and demotivating. They don’t invite people to change and improve by tapping into their intrinsic motivation. I believe we can do much better.
  • Because most certification, accreditation, and licensing programs suck. I have never heard anyone say, “Wow, this certification program is amazing. I want more of this.” People want certificates. It is time that we figured out how to do this well.
  • Because I want to figure out how to design workshops that are supported by technology. We improve learning through multi-sensory input, with text, video, sound, and a good mix of physical and digital materials. So why not bring some tablets into the room and let people play with them?
  • Because my Agility Scales team is building a platform that will (hopefully) help people drive organizational change after workshops. It’s useful to have one brand under our own control that paves the way for everyone and shows how to do this.
  • Because Management 3.0 is doing well and is still growing worldwide. In the new Shiftup workshops, I teach people that a growing business is in a perfect position to start generating newer products and services. The best way not to be disrupted is to proactively disrupt yourself.

That’s why.

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