“You Have Gold in Your Hands”

Positive feedback is great. Especially, after running a brand new two-day workshop that I’ve never given before. At the end of my new Shiftup class in Ghent, Belgium, one of the participants came up to me and said:

“You have gold in your hands.”

The workshop was the very first in a sequence of trials that I run all over Europe: Gothenburg, Vienna, Munich, Berlin and many more. The goals of the Shiftup workshop are as follows:

  • Give people an understanding of what it takes for an organization to survive and thrive in the 21st century through innovation and business agility.
  • Learn what it takes to set up an innovation funnel that drives new product ideas through a business lifecycle, propelled forward with an innovation vortex.
  • Get familiar with Lean-Agile thinking, the business quilt, and the many ways in which good practices depend on business lifecycle stages.

According to the evaluations, the participants greatly appreciated the new perspectives on innovation and agility that I introduced in my class. Of course, they also had a significant number of improvement suggestions for me. This was only the first iteration, after all. They gave me enough rework to keep me busy for days!

Most importantly, I got positive test results for several of my hypotheses:

  • There is a need for foundational workshops that merge Lean-Agile thinking with innovation practices.
  • Participants have no problems using the Mind Settlers app on their phones and tablets for games and exercises.
  • There is enough interest in licensing and certification around this new, younger sister of Management 3.0.

Apart from continuously improving the new workshop (which will be easy), my teams and I will be working on innovative workshop offerings, powered by the Mind Settlers app:

  • Context-dependent workshops where slides, games, and exercises depend on the backgrounds, experiences, and needs of participants.
  • Post-workshop tracks with practices and exercises that they can do in their own organizations after each workshop.
  • Virtual coaching services where remote experts provide guidance after a workshop and get paid for usage of their content.

My previous brand, Management 3.0, now generates millions in revenue for many consultants and facilitators around the world. With everything I learned in the last eight years, I think I can do even better with Shiftup, its younger sister. But on one condition: technology must be the foundation. Everything will be powered by Mind Settlers.

Do you want to get involved?

Invest in Agility Scales and become a co-owner of the Mind Settlers platform.
Pre-register for a Shiftup workshop and be notified about your favorite cities.
Or send me an email when you want to license and organize 21st-century workshops.

Maybe soon, you will have gold in your hands. ;-)