What Will You Be Working on This Christmas? For Me, It’s Work, Work, Work.

Less than a week to go and then it’s Christmas time! How are you going to spend the holidays? I know what I will be doing. Work, work, work.

I will be working on the corrected manuscript of Startup, Scaleup, Screwup that I should get back from the publisher any moment now.

I will be working on the preparations for my new Shiftup workshops that will start in January (and for which people are already signing up).

I will be working on funding Agility Scales and a new Mind Settlers Premium service that we plan to launch in February.

I will be working on a new idea for the Happy Melly community and ecosystem, which is still very much under wraps at this moment.

And I will be working on Christmas dinner with my family because my sweet sister kindly volunteered me to prepare the main course.

What about you? What will you be working on?
Will you be needing Christmas gifts for friends?

Here is an idea:

If you know people who are passionate about business agility and organizational transformation, and who are great changemakers themselves, why don’t you offer to make them shareholders of Agility Scales? For only EUR 500, you can register a friend and make him or her a co-owner of the Mind Settlers platform. It means you will connect them to a global group of like-minded people. They will have a stake in the future of coaching and consulting through an evolving platform. And on top of that, your gift is probably tax-deductible! ;-) My team will take care of the rest.

Yes, I am interested! Tell me more about shares-as-gifts.

A big thanks to everyone for their marvelous support of my work this year. I hope you will stick around throughout 2019. There is so much coming up, I feel almost intimidated by my own projects.

But first things first, let’s find a nice recipe for the main course on Chrismas day.