The Behavior Change Dynamo
The Behavior Change Dynamo
The Behavior Change Dynamo

I will run 2,500 kilometers this year. I’m developing a new workshop. And I’m writing a novel.

What about you? What are your ambitions?

Do you want to be an excellent programmer? A celebrated artist? Maybe a chef? Do you want to be a high-performing agile team? Perhaps you aspire to something genuinely ambitious and become the first successful agile transformation office in the world?

In this article, I explain how you can nurture a growth mindset and increase your willpower, ability, and motivation by wrapping your flow state in a habit loop so that you can achieve impressive results…

Dear Agility Scales co-owner,

It has been three months since my previous update. I needed that time to recover, financially and mentally, from the hectic period that went before. But also to consider various options and ideas I had for the future of the business.

As you probably know, the company is on hold because our Mind Settlers product didn’t work out as we had hoped. Well, it is said that you only fail when you give up. And I haven’t given up. I still believe in my vision of gamified organizational change. I need a different strategy. …

Dear shareholder and certificate holder,

It has been three months since I put our startup on hold. Sadly, Agility Scales was not able to achieve Product/Market fit before the end of our financial runway. A pivot was sorely needed, and the team was dissolved.

Eric Ries of the Lean Startup describes a pivot as “a change in strategy without a change in vision.” Well, I still have the same vision: organizational change through gamification supported by technology. But the business needs a new strategy for which different ideas and options have presented themselves. …

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I’m in crisis mode.
I can use your help.

My Agility Scales startup has failed (so far) and is temporarily on hold, waiting for an opportunity to pivot. 🥺

I am selling the last bit of ownership of Management 3.0 because, after ten years of leadership stuff, I want to do something else. But I don’t know what. 🤔

Now I have my new Shiftup workshops (which are going well), but I need to decide in which direction to take the brand and my future. More content? Online learning? Certification? Assessments? Communities? What should I focus on from here? There…

I keep thinking of this quote:

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over with a working simple system.

John Gall, The Systems Bible

My startup needs to pivot because our product doesn’t work. We tried many things and worked hard for two years, but nothing we did resulted in good enough traction among users. I know there are many things we did wrong…

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Job Brief

Happy Melly Group is a holding company which is involved in the startups Management 3.0, Agility Scales/Mind Settlers, Shiftup, Workshop Butler and Jojo Ventures, with 25 freelance team members.

We are looking for a Chief Operations Office (COO) with experience driving startup teams toward product/market fit and leading the internal operations of a business group that is scaling up. We need to free up our CEO, Jurgen Appelo, for outward-facing activities and are ready to take on a team member to manage our ever-evolving organizational culture, structure, and operations across several startups.

We aren’t looking for just a “manager”. We…

You have five days left to claim your co-ownership of Agility Scales and our Mind Settlers platform. Only 5 euros per share. Sign the agreement soon!

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Our current crowdfunding round ends on March 31. We will take a break for two reasons.

The first reason is an organizational restructuring of the various businesses that I have a stake in. All my companies are growing, so it’s best to align them properly before things become unmanageable. I will tell you more about that next week.

The other reason is that we feel Mind Settlers is closing in on product/market fit. I…

It will happen this Summer.

July 20, 2019, is the day I will turn 50.

Hurray. 🤔

I have decided to celebrate this personal achievement by giving myself a birthday present that I have wanted for a very long time: a big trip through Canada. I am inviting some of my friends to celebrate my 50th anniversary with me, in Canada. I still need to figure out all the details, but the idea is as follows.

From July 1 to August 31, for two long months, I will be touring around either the east or the west of Canada. I…


It seems that the article about my new Innovation Vortex made quite a splash. Thousands of views, hundreds of claps, and dozens of compliments from people who agree with me that the Design Thinking and Lean Startup visualizations need some improvements.

However, there were also critics and haters.

  • “It hurts my eyes.”
  • “Too complicated.”
  • “Buzzword bingo.”

The replies from critics and haters made me learn something valuable. And it’s not what they intended!

Four Core Improvements

But let’s start at the beginning. In my original article, I offered four reasons to improve the visualizations of Design Thinking and Lean Startup. …

Before I plant my feet firmly on some sensitive, long toes in the Design Thinking and Lean Startup communities, let me start on a positive note.

I love the ideas in Design Thinking and Lean Startup!

Getting out of the building, empathizing with users, developing prototypes, running experiments, and doing it all in rapid feedback cycles, it makes total sense to me. No problemo. Count me in! In fact, I teach and discuss all of that in my Shiftup workshops.

However, it is time for some improvements because the popular models are broken. …

Jurgen Appelo

Successful entrepreneur, Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Top 50 Management Expert, author of 4 books, junior in humility.

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